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You improve bit by bit, every day.

-Teacher Jaye


— 孔子

I believe in making students understand what they are studying, so as to really learn. There is no point in cramming so many practices when they don’t understand what they are reading or writing.

At the same time, learning must also be rigorous – there must be sufficient bite and sufficient challenge and content so that they get to learn something new, yet at the same time, do so in an interested and involved manner.

At my language school, Inspiren Chinese Singapore, I personally coach and train students to become critical thinkers and learners who are prepared for the 21st century economy, and at the same time, have the right mindset about the Chinese language in society, and adequate aptitude in Chinese linguistics and communication.

My students should be able to grasp Chinese grammar and sentence structure like they have never done before, understand and differentiate between similar-sounding and similar-looking Chinese words and characters, and be able to write touching narrative stories and intriguing and persuasive argumentative pieces.

All in all, they should be prepared to ace the O and A Level Chinese exams with ease – and in a way that they will never forget how to study Chinese using the skills sets taught.


最近拜读英文《今日报》一篇两人联名的读者信函, 觉得文中提到的一些内容,值得深思探讨,特此以中文节录分享:


“In our decade of mandatory Chinese education in primary and secondary school, we have not met a single teacher who explained with conviction why we should learn the Chinese language. The focus was overwhelmingly on rote learning and examinations, which are sure-fire ways of killing the joy of learning.


Secondly, mother-tongue languages should not be taught in an artificial way. In secondary school, our brains were crammed with stock phrases for examinations, not real life.


Instead of writing formulaic essays with little relevance to how Chinese is written in China or Singapore, students should be encouraged to express their views on hot-button issues, such as the “brown face” saga and Hong Kong’s protests.

毕竟,如果无法做到有效沟通而需要一直归回到用英文表达,那学习这个母语又有何意义呢? 」

After all, what is the point of learning one’s mother tongue if one cannot communicate without reverting to English?”

Read more at https://www.todayonline.com/voices/no-longer-practical-singaporeans-neglect-mother-tongues

Introducing Myself

I believe in letting entertainment meet thinking, inspiring greater results in exams and life.

I believe it is time to start inspiring our children to like Chinese, and to adopt the right mindset, and develop a new worldview towards East-West cultures.

Why do this?

  • The 21st Century is increasingly globalised and multi-cultural.
  • Hiding in a ‘shell’ can no longer do wonders.

Inspiren is a bilingual language school specialising in English and Chinese classes for both adults and children. Helmed by an ex-MOE teaching award teacher, Inspiren is committed to inspiring inquisitive and motivated learners and critical and logical thinkers who have a heart to do their best in life.

The name ‘Inspirén’​ is derived from the English word “Inspire”​ and the Chinese word for human, “人”​ (rén). It embodies the company’s ideology of inspiring humans to acquire knowledge and understanding through the lenses of both the East and the West.

Piqued with a very strong foundation of critical and logical thinking pedagogy, Inspiren students would have no problem answering comprehension questions that test a child’s linguistic and analytical abilities. The school offers Secondary to Tertiary Chinese and English courses, including GP and China Studies in English.

As a full-time Education Officer/Teacher at Serangoon Garden Secondary School, I was tasked with conducting Mother Tongue Language programmes, CCA camps, professional sharings, etc., as well as with handling high-confidence tasks like school exam coordination, national exam facilitation and invigilation, and O Level Oral Grading and Marking, etc.

I am also experienced in teaching students across the different streams with varying abilities.

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